Melissa’s intention for those who are ready to expand is to merge the power of holistic healing, awakened living, mindful nourishment and the higher self to ignite shifts in self, awareness and conscious creation.

Melissa is a strong advocate for guiding young children on their journey with self-creation and empowering them to work with their higher self.

Melissa is also passionate about shining a light on conscious pet guardianship, and advocates for their need for holistic healing and mindful nourishment. You can find more information about Melissa’s work with animal companions at Jade & Karma.


  • Intuitive Quantum Reiki Master (Marisa Moris)
  • Holistic Health Counselor (Dian Freeman)
  • Sound Healing Practitioner (Sage Academy of Sound)
  • Energetic Allergy Healing Practitioner (Kimberlie Carlson)
  • Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner (Candace Craw-Goldman)
  • Holographic Healing 1 (Marilyn Harper)
  • Autonomic Response Testing 1 Practitioner (Klinghardt Institute)
  • Yin Yoga (Jacquie Ruderman)
  • Professional Dog Trainer (National K-9 School For Dog Trainers)
melissa naval

When you walk into the presence of people who calibrate at the very highest energy levels, just being in their energy field, everything that is diseased or in disharmony is healed. When you bring a higher and a more loving energy to the presence of disorder or disharmony or disease, you are really bringing a healing energy. And that’s what healing is involved with: It’s no longer allowing yourself to wallow around in a process in which you tell yourself that you don’t have the capacity to be able to transcend whatever it is that’s bothering you or hurting you or killing you. -Wayne Dyer